Jed Magee is a lifelong Taos resident, born and raised in the design and construction industry Jed has been designing and building houses for over twenty years alongside his Father Vishu, and his brother Aaron. In Taos, the name Magee is the most recognized name in the business.

Jed’s formal education is from the School of Architecture and planning at the University of New Mexico. After obtaining his BA Arch., Jed worked with several large design firms in Albuquerque, NM., before returning to home to Taos. Upon returning to Taos, Jed worked as Design Manager for the young and energetic design-build company, Group3. After designing and managing dozens of impressive projects under that title Jed parted ways and founded Magee Design LLC.

Today Jed has become one of the premier designer/builders in Taos and has evolved his business into a top quality company. Jed’s skills bring an eye for design details, a comprehensive understanding of construction and balanced approach to quality & cost.

Most recently Jed has been introduced to The Passive House and is currently building a Passive house at Elev. 9800 in Taos Ski Valley. Jed plans to pursue Tradesmen certification sometime in 2018.

Off the job, Jed is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys skiing, mountain biking, river trips and camping. At home, Jed is a beekeeper, raises chickens and loves to grow organic food in the gardens.

Jed is married to his High School sweetheart, Shayla and together they have two grown sons, Kieron and Skylar.